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KIT - CHAPKA hat - Pilule Magique (Magic pill)

KIT - CHAPKA hat - Pilule Magique (Magic pill)

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A kit containing all the yarn you'll need to knit the CHAPKA classic Basset Hat from from Nabita at Creadia Studio.

To create the design, you'll knit our STRONG & SHINY yarn alongside the silk & kid mohair blend ATMOSPHERE to create something soft, warm, cozy, and colorful! Choose your favorite colors.

The kit contains:
- 1 skein of STRONG & SHINY - Pilule Magique (Magic pill)
- 1 skein of ATMOSPHERE - Undyed (white)
- 1 printed pattern

NOTE: the printed pattern is provided in French.

Kit : CHAPKA hat
Base(s) : ["Atmosphère","Strong & Shiny"]
Pattern included: Yes
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