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Value pack - EQUINOX MINI - Rainbow 10-pack

Value pack - EQUINOX MINI - Rainbow 10-pack

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EQUINOX - This luxury fiber is extremely soft, shiny and silky, thanks to the combination of yak and silk. These two fibers combine to make something truly exceptional. A must-try at least once in your life!

Yak is naturally gray, which gives depth and richness to the dye. And the silk provides warmth and shine.

The drape is very soft, you may need to reduce your needle size by a quarter to achieve your typical fingering gauge.

This is a value pack of 10 medium skeins of 50g, for a total of 500 grams and about 2000 meters (~2187 yards) of total length.

This is a set of the following colorways, including 5 Intuition colors which are non-reproducible:

- Intuition - Rouille foncé (Dark rust)
- Intuition - Red
- Intuition - Magenta
- Intuition - Cosmos
- Intuition - Paon (Peacock)
- Nager à contre courant (Swim against the current)
- Espoir (Hope)
- Le soleil revient toujours (The sun always returns)
- Colore ta vie (Color your life)
- Hakuna Matata

Base: Equinox
Yarn weight: Light fingering
Length: 200 meters (~218 yards)
Skein weight: 500 grams
Care instructions: Untreated, gentle hand wash only with room temperature water
Kit: EQUINOX MINI value pack (10)
Base(s): ["Équinoxe"]
Pattern included: No
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