METEORITE MAXI - L'éveil des lucioles (Fireflies awakening)

METEORITE MAXI - L'éveil des lucioles (Fireflies awakening)

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METEORITE - A strong and diverse yarn to knit with, especially outerwear and other objects that need infrequent washing. Rustic, but not scratchy!

This 100% Corriedale (non-superwash) fingering yarn, was first unveiled as part of our 2021 Christmas box, but it has endless uses. It is especially perfect for jacquard, or textured stitches.

The yarn is spun very tightly, and the thread is fairly heavy. This means you will get about 1230 meters (~1345 yards) per 500g, but it remains a fingering yarn in terms of diameter.

METEORITE is also available in 50g medium-sized skeins!

Base: Meteorite
Yarn weight: Fingering
Length: 1230 meters (~1345 yards)
Composition: 100% Corriedale non-superwash
Skein weight: 500 grams
Care instructions: Untreated, gentle hand wash only with room temperature water
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