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BOUCLETTE - Hakuna Matata

BOUCLETTE - Hakuna Matata

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BOUCLETTE - incredibly warm, soft as a feather, and an original and delightful texture.

This yarn is typically knit double with 4mm needles to achieve a fingering weight.

It can also be used to bring texture alongside a fingering weight yarn, or knit triple for a thick, fluffy, soft fabric.

Hakuna Matata: This rusty brown is one of the two colors created by l'Echeveau Solidaire for the 2018 Christmas box. This colorway is more orange and a little lighter than the Terre-Mère (Mother Earth) color.

Base: Bouclette
Yarn weight: Lace
Length: 800 meters (~874 yards)
Composition: 81% alpaca bouclé, 19% polyamide Nylon lace thread
Skein weight: 100 grams
Care instructions: Untreated, gentle hand wash only with room temperature water
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