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The 2021 Christmas book is made up of 11 knitting patterns, highlighting our 100% corriedale fingering weight base: METEORITE.

This collection was born from the idea of sisterhood, highlighting the esoteric side that hides behind every woman.

10 designers donated their time and creativity for the MASFD association to create 11 new and original patterns.

This year, we are also selling our books to friendly haberdashers and partners, who support us by bringing our values ​​to your doorstep. You can find the book (and sometimes our yarn!) in 11 local shops: Sara Lia's studio in Concarneau, Lou' & Cie in Thonon les Bains, Lanae Knitting in Grenoble, Pompon Girl in Lyon, Conflans Laines in Conflans, Sainte Honorine Click in Brest, Bois de Laines in Evian Good, Hair House in Veneux les Sablons, Lil Weasel in Paris. You can also order it online from Madlaine. And of course, as with everything in the 21st century, you can find the digital version of the patterns on Ravelry.

Note that METORITE yarn has quite a specific weight and texture, and if you replace it, the rendering of the knits will obviously not be identical to the photos in the magazine. When you purchase a book, you'll also receive a card with a download code will give you access to patterns on Ravelry.

ALL BENEFITS are donated to the MASFD association.

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