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SOLSTICE - Hakuna Matata

SOLSTICE - Hakuna Matata

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SOLSTICE - Our classic yarn! This base has a truly unparalleled softness and lends itself to just about any project that doesn't need to be washed frequently, such as scarves, sweaters, and shawls.

This yarn is quite stretchy and blooms well.

Each skein is 360 meters (~393 yards). I believe the yarn shrinks slightly in the dye bath, so while you may get up to 400 meters, I prefer to advertise 360.

Hakuna Matata: This rusty brown is one of the two colors created by l'Echeveau Solidaire for the 2018 Christmas box. This colorway is more orange and a little lighter than the Terre-Mère (Mother Earth) color.
Base: Solstice
Yarn weight: Fingering
Length: 360 meters (~393 yards)
Composition: 100% non-superwash merino
Skein weight: 100 grams
Care instructions: Untreated, gentle hand wash only with room temperature water
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