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KIT - POULE ROUSSE SHAWL - Bretzel (Pretzel)

KIT - POULE ROUSSE SHAWL - Bretzel (Pretzel)

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A kit containing all the yarn you'll need to knit the POULE RUSSE (little red hen) shawl from Maison Pleine Fleur.

The kit comprises:

- 1 skein of ATMOSPHERE - Undyed
- 1 skein of ATMOSPHERE - Caramel
- 1 skein of STRONG & SHINY - Intuition - Bretzel (Pretzel)
- 1 skein of STRONG & SHINY - Caramel

These are the colorways that the pattern designer originally chose for the pattern prototype.

NOTE: the pattern is no longer included with the kit. You can however easily find and purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Kit : Poule Rousse shawl
Base(s) : ["Atmosphère","Strong & Shiny"]
Pattern included: No
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